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Strumming Along With Musician Andrew Bird 

Once upon a time (the mid 90s) in a gloriously music-laden land (Chicago), a lanky, sharp-witted, sharp-featured tenderfoot (Andrew Bird) graduated from Northwestern’s acclaimed music conservatory and dove into the sea of indie rock. Inhabited by hard-edged musicians who took pride in their lack of skill and almost-affected amateurishness, it was about passion — forget technique. Live shows were supposed to be truly live, and in-concert mistakes were nothing less than standard. “Experience the sound in its raw, unadulterated form,” they’d say. And Bird — despite his “super-trained” background — fit right in, rolling with the sonic tides to the eventual mid-ocean calm of celebrated musician status. 

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Track: Night Sky
Artist: Andrew Bird
Album: Norman (Original Score and Songs)

Would you tell me all the stories?
From when you were young and in your prime
Would I rock you to sleep?
Would you tell me all the secrets you don’t need to keep?
But I still miss you…

Andrew Bird — Night Sky 

Track: Why?
Artist: Andrew Bird
Album: 2011-01-28 - Rio Theater


Why? - Andrew Bird, Live at Rio 01/28/2011

Oh, how I wish it was those dishes you were throwing
Damn you for being so easygoing, I swear