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teresa, 24, portugal - INFJ


no but look at glen and hendo celebrating studge’s goal though


"I can’t believe it. I’ve loved this club all my life. I left here 17 years ago and I haven’t stopped loving it since" [Full interview]

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"Anything Is Possible For Those Who Believe"

As a football player, you have to go through tough times to make you a stronger character. There’s only a few that don’t go for that. It’s definitely strengthened my character. I’ve just kept my head down and try to do extra after training, hit the gym, just waiting for that opportunity. It didn’t come this season but I’ve got three years left on my contract so hopefully it will come.

It has been an amazing season that exceeded expectations. It has been an exciting, enjoyable ride with the team - our family - who made us dream. As the gaffer says, “the journey that we are on is going to have good times and bad times and to get through them we have to stick together, that’s the Liverpool way.” This is only the beginning. We go again. (x)



and now we have hope

Brendan’s speech after winning the Outstanding Achievement award at  Liverpool’s awards dinner. (x)